Continuing Success and Progress

19 June 2009

Brief overview of what has happened in the past few weeks: We had a Six Mamas Project meeting before Kim left and things are progressing really well.  We are about to buy our last 25% of the food so after this purchase, they will be 100% independent and the project self-sustainable which is a really great feat. Knock continues to pay for the cook and food at Mrupanga Primary School. They had a wonderful send off for Kim and it was obvious how very thankful they are for all of Knock’s help – so please be encouraged that donations are making a difference. We will be purchasing even more textbooks very soon which is great.

I got the chance to meet Elizabeth – the girl who Ryan is sponsoring to secondary school. She is stunning – so very sweet, and obviously very motivated. She travels very far for school which means she must wake up extremely early and gets home very late. She has near to nothing and yet has the brightest smile. Here is an excerpt from her thank you letter to Kim and Ryan:

“I want to say thank you again and again in all that you have done for me and prepare to do for me because you make/help me rise from where I never expected to come out, since both my parents passed away. I am so glad that I have a really aunt who is mama grace, a brother and a sister too (Ryan and Kim) I promise myself to work hard the way I can and in the name of Jesus I believe I will do/make it too. I know my father and my mother will be very happy to known, I am continue with my studies especially.”

I made a trip to Dar to finish the registration of Knock as a Tanzanian NGO. Kim had met with several people here and compiled all the necessary paperwork – and then some so I just had to be the messenger. Or one would think… it’s never that easy here in Africa 🙂 I had to return to Moshi to gather some different paperwork and traveled back there last week to complete the process. We are officially registered as an International NGO in Tanzania! Very exciting. This has lots of benefits including less hassle with immigration on arrival. We will also be eligible for grant money available in Tanzania now so we just need to snag some!

Health and love,



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