2011 Off To An Exciting Start!

22 March 2011

The Children Move Into Their New Home

On January 15, the Matumaini children moved into the brand new Knock Foundation donated center near Moshi, Tanzania!  Seeing the kids in the new space has been incredible. They are so happy and getting used to all the new amenities. Watching them eat their lunch at tables inside a nice dining hall has been the greatest thing to see. They used to sit on the porch of the old place, all cramped together, eating off their plates on the ground. Now they are sitting upright at tables and it is a wonderful sight to see.

For the first week, the water wasn’t working well which meant the kids were still showering with buckets. One evening, all the girls were in the bathroom and the water started flooding out of the showerhead.  Monika, dressed in a blouse and skirt, ran to stand underneath it.  She had a huge smile on her face and was giggling incessantly. It took not but 10 seconds for all the other girls to jump into the shower, fully clothed, with Monika. It was a happy day.

One Sunday evening, the kids had organized a boys versus girls acrobatic competition in the dining hall. The boys were all standing on one side while the girls were standing on the other. There was a ton of happy noise emanating from the hall while Stefani would do some sort of flip and thus challenge one of the girls to do something better. At one point, Stefani folded his legs up onto his thighs and started walking around the dining hall on his knees. All the kids started hysterically laughing. It was so heartwarming to see them so joyous and really making use of their new home.

Matumaini Welcomes New Children

In our effort to begin filling up the new Matumaini Center, we welcomed three new children in February: Anna, Suzy and Anita. Suzy and Anita are 6 and 8 years old respectively and are sisters who have been living with their grandmother.

Anna is 7 years old and comes from a village south of Moshi town. Her father passed away several years ago and her mother just passed away 2 weeks ago, leaving Anna to stay with her 19 year-old sister, who has a new baby. When we met Anna, she had yet to start school and there were no plans for her to do so. She was eating scarcely and living in a dark, rented room. She starting fitting in at Matumaini right away and has been attending kindergarten classes everyday. We hope this is the beginning of a new life for her.

Knock’s Upcoming Medical Mission to Kenya

This coming April, Knock Foundation and Columbia University’s Millennium Cities Initiative (MCI) will be sponsoring a return trip of medical professionals to Kisumu, Kenya. Our team of volunteer doctors will be putting their incredible skills to work in a part of the world where basic medical care is often lacking. During our stay, the team will screen patients, perform surgeries and train local medical staff. In addition, Knock is donating a shipping container full of a wide selection of heath care products and supplies. This will enable Knock to expand its ability to provide care to the various communities it serves in Kenya.

Building A School in Kenya

Also in April, a team of volunteers will be heading out to rural western Kenya to build a primary school. In keeping with our core belief that everyone has the right to an education, the new Knock Foundation donated primary school will provide a safe, friendly environment for local children to pursue their dreams for generations to come.

Mrupanga Update

The Kilimanjaro Education Foundation has approved the Mrupanga Primary School’s budget for the construction of brand new latrines, a septic tank system, and reserve water tank! We are very excited to be collaborating with this great organization and continuing to improve the environment and sanitation at Mrupanga. Construction will begin soon!


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