Knocking Out 2012 – A Look Back at the Year

22 December 2012

Knock Foundation has had yet another full year. As you reflect upon this year, we ask that you make a commitment to Knock Foundation so that we can continue helping under-served populations in Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia. Read on to see our accomplishments from 2012. 

Education continues to be a main focus of Knock’s work. This year we were able to add 13 students to our scholarship program in Tanzania, where we now have a total of 31 deserving students who have the opportunity of receiving an improved level of education. 

Knock was able to continue its fourth year of the school lunch program at Mrupanga Primary School and its first full year at Longuo Primary School.  Between the two, we provided a nutritious school lunch to almost 850 students. The school lunch program has shown to improve class attendance and national exam scores. 

Knock continued its support of the 35 students at Tulivu Kindergarten in Moshi, Tanzania, where we provided morning porridge and much-needed books and supplies.

In 2012, with help from United Therapies and The Earth Institute at Columbia University, Knock sponsored our fifth medical mission to Africa with our first trip to Ethiopia. Working in the northern city of Mekelle, our team of urologists treated dozens of patients while training local doctors in the latest in medical care.

Our efforts included the following:
• Treated two patients who had been impaled by ox (apparently this is a common problem).

• Treated a young boy struck by lightning, who had the lightning travel through his body and out his penis.

• Performed a 7-hour surgery (the longest in the hospital’s history) on a 3 ½ year old who was born with an open bladder protruding through his skin. Without the surgery the boy would not have survived.

• Performed a myriad of open prostatectomies, cystoscopies and resections.

• Knock donated and shipped a full container of medical supplies to Ayder Referral Hospital and Mekelle Hospital in Northern Ethiopia. One hospital staff member commented that Knock provided supplies that they hadn’t seen (but sorely needed) in over 3+ years.

• A team of volunteers traveled to Southern Ethiopia to work with the 100 AIDS orphans, living at the Awassa Children’s Center.

We are currently organizing our 2013 medical trips, including a February trip to Nicaragua and a return trip to Ethiopia in April, in addition to collecting another container of medical supplies. Please contact us if you would like more information or are interested in joining the trip. 

We at Knock Foundation dream of new possibilities for the future. As we welcome 2013, we are looking forward to maintaining our current projects as well as continuing to look for new opportunities. 

Please join us in providing sustainable change that will allow people to lift themselves out of poverty. Every donation makes a difference.  Make your year-end donation today. As always, thank you for your continued support. Knock Foundation could not offer the amazing opportunities it does without support from donors like you. 

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a great new year!
Michelle, Kim, Barry, David and Bruce

Important News Regarding Matumaini Child Care Center
Late last year a conflict arose between Matumaini Child Care Center and Knock. Knock has met with every possible government agency/official at the district, regional and national levels to try to reach a resolution that would allow the kids we have grown to love and care deeply about to continue being cared for with our funding. It has been a long and trying road and until today, a resolution has still not been reached. Knock funded the center until the expiration of the partnership agreement on July 31st and even continued so for the months of August and September.  But Knock had to make the difficult decision to cease our funding at the beginning of October. We are still funding school for many of the children and continuing to look for opportunities to care for as many of the children as possible. 

We want to assure you that your donations to Knock Foundation are still being used effectively and efficiently and we are doing everything we can with our partners on the ground to ensure this remains true. If you have any further questions, just let us know and we will be happy to talk more about it.


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