2015: Off to a great start!

Knock has had a productive and exciting couple of months in Tanzania!



We held our annual meeting of scholarship students in early January, where we welcomed two new students and discussed student performance and our expectations. Last year, through advice from our students, we agreed to offer gifts to those who finish top five in their class. This year, we had three such students – Sharifa (Class 6), Evance (Form 3) and Evarist (Form 3) – and were thrilled to present them with gifts [see above photos: our Country Manager, Max, presents gifts to the three students]. We also had two Form 5 students who after their first term, were in the top five of their classes, so we will award them in June if they maintain their status.

Student-elected club leadership - Brenda, Loveness, Elia, Lusi, Erick, Fratime and Najma

Student-elected student club leadership – Brenda, Loveness, Elia, Lusi, Erick, Fratime and Najma

Our first primary school club was piloted in February with 60 eager and bright young minds. The club is comprised of 60 girls and boys from classes 3-7.  Meeting after school twice per week and taught by some incredibly awesome young peer educators from a Tanzanian NGO called Youth Control Society (YOCOSO), the club covers important life skills topics such as self-esteem and decision making, reproductive health, drugs and alcohol and HIV/AIDS.  Teaching methods vary from traditional to using song, dance and drama. The students elected their own student leadership who help manage the day-to-day of the club. The pilot month went exceptionally well and we have already added two more schools!

We have recently built a new board of directors in Tanzania to help drive the strategy and growth of Knock’s programs there. Our first board meeting was held in January where voting took place for board positions. We are really looking forward to the increasingly local ownership of Knock’s work.


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