Knocking Out 2014

A look at what Knock achieved in 2014…

Pioneering Minds Scholarship Program
We added 7 more students to our scholarship program this year, bringing our total to 43 sponsored students in a variety of primary and secondary schools and technical training programs throughout northern Tanzania. Four students are entering great secondary schools and we are anxious to watch their success continue. Edwardi, Salome, Caroline and Joyce all joined advanced level programs (Form 5) in pursuit of their professional goals. Joyce, who is studying a Physics, Chemistry and Biology track in hopes of going to medical school, ranked first in her class after the first semester. We are so proud! It continues to be an honor to watch all of our students grow throughout the years and begin to realize opportunities not otherwise easily available to them.

Business Development and Livelihoods
This year we reinstituted our provision of access to capital for small business development. Focusing on agriculture and animal husbandry, Knock gave out an average of $1,000 each to several individuals earlier this year. We are anxious to see the results of these loans and how they help to propel lives forward.




Knock continued our ongoing medical missions with another trip to Nicaragua in October, with one set of doctors working in pediatric urology in Managua and another at a regional hospital in Jinotega. As in past missions, we trained local doctors and donated life-saving medical equipment to both areas, and fulfilled promises we made from previous trips in 2013. Our medical mission is unique compared to those of other surgical missions with whom we are familiar. Our focus is on training and giving the equipment that hospitals do not/cannot get on their own; we work with their staff, ensuring that they can continue after we leave. This is consistent with Knock’s mission of developing self-­sustaining practices to assist the community. To date, Knock has shipped over $750,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies.

Lunch Program
Knock provided daily school lunch in Tanzania at Mrupanga Primary School for the sixth consecutive year and at Longuo Primary School for the third consecutive year, to a total of over 850 students. Student attendance and performance continues to be strong as a result.

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