Exciting News!

June 10, 2015

There have been some exciting developments at Knock Foundation Tanzania over the recent months.

Conscious Club

Just a few months ago, we took our healthy living seminar curriculum into primary schools as an after-school program. After a one-month trial in one school, we launched in three more! Meeting twice per week, the curriculum was developed in partnership with a youth-run, Tanzanian NGO. They cover topics in life skills, leadership training, confidence building and a range of health issues missing in the standard curriculum, through a highly participatory method incorporating drama, music and dance. Each club has 60 students, divided equally between girls and boys across grades 3-7. The students are loving it and we can already see a high demand for next year.


Student-elected club leadership – Brenda, Loveness, Elia, Lusi, Erick, Fratime and Najma



We excitedly announce the renaming of our business development program. Chipuka (chee-POO-kuh), meaning “sprout” in Swahili, refers to the rising income levels and earning capability of our loan recipients as a result of the initial funds received. Our loans are typically used in the purchase of productive assets in animal husbandry and agriculture.

Emertha Chuwa, a two-time borrower with us, has used her increased earnings to begin construction on a two-roomed brick house that will replace the deteriorating, mud structure and single bed she currently shares with four family members and their open fire cooking space.



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